Zippos Circus


The Laughtercare Programme

Laughter is the best medicine, and Zippo's Circus has brought Laughter Therapy to hospitals since 1995, helping patients and staff alike, making a stay in hospital more bearable. With the help of Paul Newman, in January 2005 the Laughtercare Clowns visited children in Moscow still hospitalised after the Beslan tragedy.

Tel: 07050 202894

The Community Admission Scheme

The scheme started in 2001, offering free seats to differently-abled or disadvantaged children in conjunction with Local Authorities and the local Mayor. Hundreds of children have benefitted from the scheme. We welcome enquiries from Local Authorities who would like to participate in this wonderful project.
Tel: 07050 267016

Zippos Circus supports World Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare is one of the world’s leading equine welfare charities; working towards a world where the horse is used but never abused.

This new name has brought the opportunity to expand the role of the charity to tackle the root causes, as well as the effects, of horse cruelty, and to play a more prominent role in defining the problems and coordinating practical solutions. World Horse Welfare has created a 'roadmap' that shows three main areas: UK welfare, international training, and that of campaigning.

For UK Welfare:
Establishing a way to define the major causes of horse welfare abuse in the UK and to propose practical solutions.
Focusing on education as a means to tackle the known major causes of horse welfare abuse, such as horse obesity.
Maintaining our position as the premier organisation for the recovery, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses, through our network of Field and Investigation Officers, and Recovery and Rehabilitation Centres.

For International Training:
Developing a more regional outlook to our training projects, like our current focus on Central America, to enable us to maximise the use of native trainers on all our courses.
Establishing a network of affiliates in all countries where we work, to ensure we have a practical link to these countries after we have left.
Expanding our projects to include associated skills to make a lasting difference, such as business training.

For Campaigning:
Completing a job that was our founding campaign, namely the abolition of the long distance transport of horses for slaughter within Europe. We are winning this fight, but only by campaigning across Europe.
Integrating Campaigns further into our UK Welfare and International Training Operations so that we provide comprehensive solutions for full breadth of challenges to horse welfare, as we have started to do in Project Romania.
Campaigning to change policy, practice and attitudes to promote our vision for a world where horses are used but never abused.

World Horse Welfare, Anne Colvin House, Snetterton, Norfolk NR16 2LR
General Enquiries tel: 01953 498682. UK Welfare Hotline tel: 08000 480180. Email:
Please visit our website:

Zippo's Book of the Circus
BT Reading Challenge Regional Award Winner

A colourful, illustrated paperback for children, illustrated with photographs and providing a unique insight into the circus way of life. With Zippo the Clown as your guide, the book looks at circus performance; where the circus families live; how the circus is packed up and moved; how the circus tells you about its visit; a weekly diary of life with the circus; how circus horses are cared for; two clowns and their make-up; information on circus books, music and circus schools.

To tie in with the National Literacy Strategy, the book and associated packs contain a variety of text types, shown in use and in context, such as poster, leaflet, letter, simple chart, simple instructions and recipes, review, poem, use of e-mail and website. Officers of the National Union of Teachers of Travellers and circus parents have given very favourable responses, expecially as the book presents positive cultural images.

The book is an A5 size paperback, with colour and black & white photos, and illustrations, contents page, glossary and index. For order information and Schools Packs, contact:
Aardvark Publishing 01763 289543

Zippos Circus would like to recognise those who have helped us provide free performances for thousands of people during the past thirty years.
These include the Lions Club, the Variety Club of Great Britain, the London Taxi Drivers Association, Capital Radio and many, many individuals, volunteers and helpers.

Differently-abled and underprivileged persons often have little or no opportunity to see live entertainment, and we are profoundly grateful to all those who have given time and effort to help us achieve this.