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The Victoria & Albert Museum has produced
a fabulous  #TEACHERSRESCOURCE circus work book with an introduction written by Zippos Circus founder, @Martin Zippo Burton 
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An important part of our work as a social circus is to provide educational visits to schools as Zippos Circus travels. As part of our 30th anniversary year celebrations, we are offering some exciting educational programs to schools.  These special programs not only encourage students’ interest in learning circus skills, history and traditions, but are often a first introduction to the magic of the circus!

Zippos Schools' Admissions Scheme
Your entire school can now experience the wonder and delight of the circus: smell the sawdust, see thrilling artists and hear electrifying music, all under our traditional cream and crimson big-top! Special bespoke performances can be arranged for up to 800 students, at the time of your choice and are suitable for all Junior School children.  Tickets for these performances are offered at a greatly reduced cost of £6.00 per child (+ VAT), with teachers, teaching assistants and helpers attending the performance for free.  There is a minimum purchase of 200 tickets required and multiple schools are welcome to book a school performance together, in order to meet the minimum.

Circus Education Pack
As part of every Zippos school program, we supply a free circus education pack as an instructional aid for classroom teachers, with fact pages and adaptable activities in history, culture and society, geography, maths, science, arts and crafts, politics, religion, and the importance of diversity, practice and self-discipline.

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