Zippos Circus

About the Show

In 2019 we celebrate the 20th year that Norman Barrett MBE, the World's Greatest Ringmaster has hosted our circus show. Please come back soon to read more details of our all-new tour!




Thursday 29th March – end October 2018

Zippos Circus is back on the road in 2018 with a nationwide Big Top tour – “LEGACY” - celebrating the 250th anniversary of the circus. Expect a spectacle like no other as extraordinary equestrians, astonishing acrobats, comic clowns and dashing daredevils join together in the ring to pay homage to Englishman and charismatic impresario, Philip Astley who invented the worldwide sensation that is circus in 1768.

Fittingly, the tour kicks off in London’s Blackheath, not far from the site of Mr Astley’s first circus, and audiences can expect to see some of the amazing equestrian acts which first thrilled people in Georgian times, now performed by master horse riders The Khadikov Riders. Their astonishing repertoire will include the recreation of a rarely seen and daring equestrian act called ‘The Courier of Saint Petersburg’ which audiences have marvelled at for generations.

The electrifying cast will also introduce timeless comics, modern clown Totti and his wife, Charlotte, a traditional White Face Clown, from Belgium, and Brazilian Capoeira comic acrobat Paulo Dos Santos– a brilliant 3 foot 11 inches tall showman who was most recently at Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. Dos Santos won first place in Brazil’s National Capoeira Championships and his antics will incorporate elements of Capoeira (a Brazilian mixed martial art combining music, dance and acrobatics) into the show.

Another sure fire hit of the show is daredevil Pablo who will perform high in the Big Top atop a dazzling Space Rocket plus Cuban acrobats the Hermansito Troupe, showing off their Springboard and Russian Bar skills. Footjuggling from Romy. Perhaps most daring will be Alex Michael, the fearless Brazilian aerialist who swings and walks upside down 30 feet above the audience with no safety nets or wires.

The future of circus is not forgotten at Zippos Circus, in the form of The Garia Brothers, the young sons of Pablo who will finish the show with their extraordinary hand balancing skills.

LEGACY will be presented by the world’s most famous Ringmaster, Norman Barrett, MBE, who will also welcome back his colourful fun-loving budgies, a perennial hit amongst children and adults alike.