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Does Zippos Circus Use Animals?

Does Zippos Circus Use Animals?


Short answer: no. Zippos Circus does not use animals. There have been no animals in the Zippos Circus show since 2019.

When Zippos Circus did use animals it was domestic animals only such as horses. Zippos Circus has never wanted to use wild or exotic animals in the circus.

Horses were used in the first-ever circus back in the 1760s, and it is because of those horses that we have a circus ring. Ex-cavalryman Philip Astley started equine performances with a horse cantering in a circle whilst a rider performed stunts on his back.

Norman Barrett MBE joined Zippos Circus as Ringmaster in 2004 and brought his budgerigar act which he had been performing since the late 1960s. 

Why Did Zippos Circus Stop Using Animals?

In 2020, we were already planning a show without horses. But when the pandemic started, we asked Norman Barratt to stay at home to keep him safe. Norman's budgies live with him so they are still working together.

All-Human Show

Zippos Circus now specialises in an all-human circus show featuring the finest acts from across the world. Our artistes are highly skilled and perform many dangerous acts in the circus ring. 

The Lucius Team from Brazil has the legendary Globe of Death where motorbikes are ridden inside a metal globe at speeds up to 60 mph. Just wait until you see a woman standing inside the globe at the same time!

We feature many thrill acts that will have you watching through your fingers. These performances can only happen because of the skill of the circus team. We are never complacent and all of the performers continue to train every day to be even better.

We are proud of our team and hope you can see the show soon. You can check our tour locations, here on our website